A Spontaneous Creative Space, for Detox, Healing and Happiness.

At the Health Loft, we help you switch onto a different mode of being. 


From America to India, from Europe to Asia we have explored health modalities: Nutrition, food, massage, movement, medicine, Ayurveda and the healing power of sound.


We have extensive experience with many different therapeutic methods, so that we can adapt them for the individual and also to that particular moment, leading to spontaneous interventions.

Who we are

Magdalena, Mat and Daria, have spent over 50 collective years gathering experiences and qualifications of various healing techniques and creative exploration. 

The right space for the right Moment


The loft is a converted artist's atelier in Paris, part of a group of buildings around a lovely garden. It combines the romance of being in Paris, with the vibe of New York or LA in it's loft structure and modernity. The lush and 'secret' garden is a treasure in the City, and the environment is a safe and wonderful place to explore, stimulate and inspire participants. The loft is full of eclectic art, comfortable furniture, colour, and fun.  It's a perfect place to collaborate and experience the spontaneous moments which enable us to be joyful and full of laughter. 


Comfortable, cozy, spacious, eclectic, funky, colourful, classy.

Terrace of the Loft, leading to the garden.



Food is your medicine 


Most of us are aware that it's important to pay attention to what we eat. We are probably not aware to what extent food can alter not only our health but our moods, and that there is not a one for all formula for health. Different body and mental types or personalities need different diets. As we become more attuned to our bodies we can adjust what we need as nutrition.  At the health loft we can provide you with a super healthy and delicious diet, with the freshest vegetarian ingredients, and where possible locally sourced organic produce. We can teach you and share with you how to look after your specific dietary and health needs, whilst pleasing the palate, and having fun.


The body


Movement of our bodies is an  essential way to keep the energy flowing. We can explore safely many different ways to do this, and release parts of us which are very contracted and therefore preventing healthy flow. We do this through Yoga, Qigong self-healing practice, Explorative dance, Shaking, and Core Energetics exercises amongst others. This is not about exercise, but about release, laughter and freedom.


Singing Bowls THL.jpg
MFP Feb. 2016

MFP Feb. 2016

Music and Art


We are all musicians or potentially musicians and artists. At the loft we use sound and music for healing and exploring and having fun. Art is also used in a therapeutic way to release blocks and previous preconceived ideas of good/bad and creative ability.



The Mind


Mindfulness and awareness is at the core of all we do. We explore ways that our beliefs limit us from having joy in our lives. Not with judgement but with a smile! We find ways to still our mental chatter such as pranayama, guided meditations and journeys, and also ways of using concentration and laughter, all of which can bring us to the present moment and delight. When children play, draw and are involved in an activity they are fully present and don't worry about the result. When we as adults can return to that place of single pointed concentration without worry about results we can discover places we had forgotten in our inner core. We experience the vibrational flow of energy, which is our natural state. This will then impact the rest of our lives.